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Don’t believe anything, it wasn’t my fault

For me it is kind of interesting how my days off normally turn into nothing that I really planned.  Today Veronica told me that we were going to the Auto Glass repair place due to the several cracks that snow plows had decided to leave in our windshield this winter.  I told her that I had a long day of doing nothing, followed by naps planned.  This didn’t really seem to go over that well, so I gave her a ride to her appointment.

I take this to be her action awesome pose

While I was waiting for Veronica to come out of the windshield “you messed up and we know it” place I encounted what is possibly the friendliest cat that I have ever met in my life.  After the initial greetings she refused to move farther than three feet away from me at all times.  Seeming to be rather thin and with no colar on I assumed it was a stray.

Veronica told me that we didn’t need a cat.

After several minutes of insisting that she inquire about the status of the cat at the “it is ok, this is how we make money” glass place she agreed.

I know that she only told me this so I would stop asking about the cat.  I mean, she didn’t really seem that phased when I mentioned that if caught they would probably put it to sleep.

She has since told me that the people there told her that the cat belonged to someone on the street and was well loved.  I am sure she told me that so we didn’t have a new roommate, or possibly because she hates awesome.  Either way I am sure she made the entire statement up.

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