3 Day weekend starting soon

It also came with an awesome Big Bird Juice Box

Veronica will sometimes bring me lunch while I am at work.  This is one of the amazing things that was given to me while I was slaving away to bring her all the wonderful things that she deserves.

The best part about this, though, is that I am on the dawn of a three day weekend.  The kind of giddiment that used to come before the weekend when I was in high school seems to be perfectly natural as I am looking forward to America Wins Day which will be taking place on Friday. This is awesome because it is the best holiday out there, besides my birthday.

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4 Responses to 3 Day weekend starting soon

  1. Veronica says:


  2. gillman the elder says:

    Dipshit, it isn’t America wins day, it is America picks a fight day.

  3. Gillman says:

    We win by drinking

  4. Beth says:

    America Wins day usually turns into America Wins month down at my mother’s- people get ridiculously drunk and shoot off fireworks all month long. XD

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