Soft Shelled Crab

I was kind-of hoping it would jump up and snap at Veronica

Veronica will randomly make a comment along the lines of how terrible it is at how easily I can be bribed to do things.  I believe that she is over looking two very important things. The first is that there is no price for loyalty.

The second is that Fear Factor is a show for a reason.

While I know enough not to go onto TV and eat things, mainly because I believe I would upset everyone I know at how quickly and easily I eat most things, but also because I don’t think the money is that good for the amount of effort needed to be put forward.

This is going some where, I promise.

Veronica can be bribed too but only in loose change and free access to tag-sales.  So when I offer her this things in exchange for trying grilled soft shelled crab and she still turns it down I know that she really does not want it.

I just think that it is awesome that both my brother and I dug into these guys like there was nothing not normal about it.