Meet Herman

Really, we are impressed he lives

This is Herman.  He is a fish that Veronica won during the Fourth of July fair in my home town.  I believe she did this for two reasons, the first being that she didn’t grow up in Jay and didn’t fully understand that they had just this morning fished him and his brothers out of the river to use as prizes in a game designed to make children under 10 throw handfuls of quarters at shot glasses and the second being that I had just gotten a pet three times cooler and she wanted to annoy me.

I didn’t think he would make it on the car ride home from Jay that night.

A week and a half later Veronica admitted to me that she didn’t think that he was going to make it two days.  I guess that means that we have a fish of some kind now, so I guess I should probably introduce him and everything.

Hi everyone, this is Herman, he isn’t dead despite our minimual expectactions of him.

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