Pig Roast 2008, concluded

She knows we are all really children.

Last time I left on a cliff hanger.

I did manage to get to work on time.

Veronica showed up to the pig roast with party favors meant for the children.  There was some kind of “flying disc” thing (most probably called that to avoid any kind of lasting lawsuit), some mega bounce bouncy balls, and a “seriously loud!” noise maker. All of these items were meant for children, not a single one made it to a child’s hands.  The disc and the balls were lost within five seconds of opening the packaging and the noise maker was carried around by my brother or Nick for most of the day.  I guess this entire paragraph would have made more sense if I pointed out that everyone was drunk, but it is the pig roast and that kind of thing should just be understood.

If I cropped the two together you would just think it was the same picture twice.

While going through the images of the event I noticed that I had taken the same exact picture of my brother and mother, seated at the same picnic table, at the same time of day, one year apart.  The only difference between to the two is that Matt is no longer wearing a kilt in this years version of the picture.  Also I believe that give the former point the image is probably a little higher up to avoid “unpleasantness”.

It had to make the site

Because you all complain about it, and yet I still keep taking them.  I give you all Nick.

It should be pointed out that in depth retelling of the entire adventure is hard both because it is a week later and anything that happened after Veronica showed up firmly falls into the time when I was pretty hammered.

In all honesty it seemed like we had one of the best crowds of people that I have ever seen at a pig roast.  As sad as it sounds nothing truly interesting seemed to happen the entire time other than people getting drunk and eating lots of food.  Which is kind of a bummer because knife fights are more fun to report.

Amazingly well taken.

One of Nick’s younger brother took a picture of the entire Gillman family this year.  It turns out that when it is taken by someone who isn’t the drunkest person that you can find it comes out pretty well.  The lack of Meredeth and Matt’s child mainly comes down to it being later at night and I being the only one that remembered that we normally do this kind of thing.   Lets be honest, why would anyone put any kind of responsibility on me at all.

The amazing show of reality!

He also managed to capture an image that basically defines each of us.  I am drunk, Veronica is distracted by something shinny on the ground, Matt is leaving, Meredeth is hiding, my mother is tired, and my dad just seems happy to be around.

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