A story of road trips

Before this night I just new Scranton as the place The Office is staged

So Veronica and I were in need to get the hell out of Plattsburgh when our Vacation started last Friday.  This basically made us jump in the car and leave the moment work was done, causing the sun to be setting and both of us to be amazingly tired from, you know, doing stuff all day.  Add onto this the pleasant visits with relatives on the way down and we ended up driving to our first destination through the middle of the night while Veronica peacefully slept and I tried not to drive the car into the concrete divider.

So this is where the McDonalds outside of Scranton PA comes into play.

At one point around 12:30 at night I decided that the combination of being hungry from skipping dinner and being way to tired from opening the store was enough to warrant a stop at the reasonable place for food.  Failing to have anything open at night we went to a McDonald’s instead.

As the afore-shown picture shows  it was in some constant state of being disassembled and put back together.  I don’t know if it was being remodeled as we sat inside or if the place was slowly being repurposed as a Donut shop.  I do know that I was rather impressed that they had found a contractor that would come in the middle of the night to finish a job.  The gas station attached also had Vanilla Coke.  I guess I know two things about the place.

Either way when we got back on the road after a half an hour break about 25 miles down the road we encountered possibly the worst accident I have ever seen.  Traffic was backed up for 45 minutes and we were about 500 feet away from the accident.  Taking into consideration that we only saw a car on the road every 10 minutes leads me to believe that the accident happened about half an hour before we got there.

Moral of the story: McDonald’s save my life.  TV was wrong.

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