He hates it when I use the flash

On the thought of watching another James Van Der Beek based horror movie on TV while I pretend that I am writing some kind of review for a game that I couldn’t care that much less about I have given up hope and decided to tell a story about Chaz.

I should start at the end, but mainly because that is where the punchline is:

Veronica came home the other day and I said, “Babe, Chaz spoke today!”

Her response was calm and came after a short pause, “What did he say to you?”  I don’t know if it bodes well for our marriage that her first reaction is to simply think I am insane, but there you have it.

Basically what had happened is that I was hanging out next to Chaz’s cage and I hear a weird noise, something that sounds exactly like this.  And when it is something that comes out of the dead silence that you are sitting it is rather surprising.

It turns out that chinchillas make all kinds of noise, but mainly only when they are around others chinchillas or when they hate and distrust their owners.  It doesn’t make a ton of sense that when they are perfectly happy and content with life they rarely speak.

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