Never Again


So Veronica is at the laundromat doing our  laundry, as one normally does in such a place, when a kid walks in.  He asked if she had seen a lady in there earlier, she said no.  He then asked if she knew if there was a payphone close by, she stated that she had no idea, and that she was sorry.  He then asked, very nicely, if she had a cell he could use to call his mom.  Veronica, being the nice girl that she is let him.

He called his mom, had a loud conversation about being home at 11, having the car full of gas, basically the normal teenage phone call to a parent.  Veronica thought that her good dead was done for the day.

Later, when she gets home, her phone rings.  She looks and it is a restricted number.  Upon answering it she finds that there is an angry sounding woman on the other end.  Veronica attempts to try to explain that she let some kid use her phone.  The conversation, from what I could hear, became angrier on the callers end, and more confused on Veronica’s.

Veronica hung up and tried to explain what had just happened, but sounded like she didn’t fully understand either.

The phone then rang again.

This time I picked up.  The teenage sounding girl proceeded to ask for Zach, I said that she had the wrong number.  She then accused me of being Jed, and that Zach and I where screwing around with her.  I then attempted to tell her that this was my wife Veronica’s phone, and that she had the wrong number.  She then corrected me by saying that Zach’s mother “HER SELF” had given her this number. The yelling continued, every time I talked she spoke over me telling me I was wrong.

Two things:

1. Zach, if you are reading this, you and your girlfriend are “through”.  I tried dood, but she didn’t listen to me, I am sorry.

2. I kind of hate your girlfriend.  this might be for the best.