The look, the feel of Linux

For some reason, recently, my computer has decided that it would rather not work with Windows, at all.  This is rather difficult because most of the things that I do with my computer involve it being on and working inside of Windows.  The good note is that I have figured out that it is directly related to my motherboard being junk and not wanting to work properly with my hard drives and other hardware (which entirely explains the more recent errors I have been having with everything), but that it will also be over 100 dollars to fix everything, plus the time to repair it.

So, being the bigger man that I am I decided that I would just install Linux on the computer and make the best of it.  While I can’t say that I am overly happy with the entire experience of making an entire operating system believe that it really wants to be worked on, or with, it is nice that when somethign does finally work it does so at roughly 5 times the speed that it did just last week in Windows.  I know that if I try and take into consideration the time spent trying to get the stuff to run this still makes everything equal, it does make me hate Windows just a little more.

This isn’t to say that I am probably not going to get that new motherboard at the end of the week, or that I am not going to have Windows up and running again roughly 3 hours after that new board is in my hands, but what I have learned is that I am probably going to have one of my hard drives permanently installed with Linux for some time.  Maybe just in case something else happens again, or maybe because it is just fun knowing that I have the power to make my system place an object inside itself, and still be perfectly ok with that until I make it try to find that object.

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