Hard Drives

No pictures today.  Even though I am enjoying Linux, the arrival of the new motherboard sometime next week makes me feel like any data that I place inside of Linux will just be formatted off.

I still stick by my statement that I am going to run a hard drive with Linux on it, but it is hard for me to view my computer as anything else than the gaming rig that I keep dumping money into.  Also one that seems to keep eating some of my older parts that I have refused to upgrade throughout the years.

One of the things that it seems to have been eaten by my motherboard dying was two of my EIDE hard drives.  While I should really point out that the one drive that my entire computer is running on is bigger than all of the other drives combined, and another one might still be under manufacture’s warranty, it still sucks to have parts go.

An even stranger fact that no one will care about; I have had one of the hard drives in my computer and running windows for the better part of a decade.  The thing has been running my computer and storing all of my gaming needs for longer than I have known my wife.  While I don’t think that extends the warranty it does kind of annoy me that the thing that finally made it go was having a motherboard, (that after 7 years working tech support I have never seen go bad) bring the entire thing down with it.

Kind of funny that writing this makes me feel like I should stop using my computer for awhile now.

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