Scene It?

It is like watching a monkey juggle

This post is about Jordan Buck:

Veronica has a new found obsession with the video game Scene-it.  The game revolves around knowledge of movie based trivia, the knowledge needed ranges from needing to know that the Titanic was a boat to naming the guy who was the Best Boy during the filming of The Mummy Returns.  I think the main reason that she enjoys it is every now and then there is a question about  The Notebook which I can only ever get the fastest wrong answer for.

We normally have a good time playing the game, or we do  until Jordan comes over.  Playing against Jordan is sort of like that episode of The Simpsons when Milhouse got to play a pick up game fo baseball with a team of major league players and Bart was stuck with Ralph Wiggum.

That isn’t to say that it isn’t always fun, but only in such a way that you can stare at him in total wonderment as he knows movies based on the person that edited them.

Also I think he cheats.

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