Sale Epic Sale Story

This is all crap normal people throw away

The Garage sale has ended, the sad end of the story is that Veronica did not make a million dollars this weekend.  The happy end is that she made the news with how well it was planned.

The sale went on through the weekend, but Veronica will be the first to admit that Saturday was the only day that really mattered.  She had spent hours on Friday running around and hanging up signs on every street corner leading to our house for about half a mile, there was a super sized ad in the paper telling people about the sale, and by her own admission she couldn’t sleep the night before because it was like “when you are a kid and it is the night before Christmas”.  This was clearly a good time for her, so much so that she went to bed after me and woke up well before me.

She also woke me up the moment that my mom arrived my coming into the bed room and saying, in as frazzled and confused a voice as one could, “It was supposed to start at 8, but people have been showing up since before 7…  I think I made more than 100 dollars already”.  Please note this took place at roughly 8 AM.  The insanity carried through the day, and at one point my mom came upstairs to get something to drink and simply said, “there is a line… there is always people there… ”  I think we where all confused on that.

Some time on Sunday, at which point Rich had shown up for support,  some very nicely dressed woman walked up our driveway and asked Veronica if she would like to be interviewed for the news.   Interestingly enough both Rich and Veronica laughed and replied along the lines of “that isn’t going to happen,”.  The segment still aired about garage sales, but strangely there where no interviews.

I think it goes without saying though, Veronica is the Queen of Garage sales.

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  • If Veronica is the queen, I am at least on the court. It was a great time. I am disappointed about not being on the news.