Valauria Turns 3

Because it has been too long, that is why.

Nick’s child, Valauria, had a birthday yesterday at the local state park/beach area.  The entire event was celebrated with meatless burgers and hot dogs, also some kind of bacon that was not harvested from a pig.  All of the food confused me as to the process of its formation, but lets be honest about the lack of chances of me missing a meal.

Present was also a cake that, for some reason, every time I walked by I thought to myself “oohhh, there is cake,” and would have to promptly remember that I had already seen said cake four other times.  I think I have a thing in my head that is constantly impressed at cake.

Did I mention that my bithday is coming up soon?  It is.  Veronica seems convinced that I know what I want for it, but in all honesty it is kind of hard to come up with anything.  Feel free to drop a couple of suggestions.

Comments 2

  • How about cake for your birthday? Ice cream cake?

  • as for the formation of meatless hot dogs and hamburgers, the main thing is soy in various shapes and forms, and soy protein.

    that being said, although i have no idea what you want for your birthday, cake is a good start! i too love going to parties for food and cake, and maybe even ice cream too! you could make ice cream cookie sandwiches for your birthday, that would be fun!

    happy birthday dan either way!