Out for food

    a      Also pictured, two strange people wondering why I was pointing my phone at them

So Justin Buck, from this point forward referred to as “Bucko”,  is back in town and at some point during the day we both decided that the best thing to do would be to go grab something to eat.  While deciding on the place itself ended up being twice the adventure that it should have been, we finally ended up downtown at the local Thai place.  Interestingly enough when Bucko said that he wanted to eat there I had no idea what he was talking about, but on arriving I instantly knew it as “one of the many restaurants that I never eat at”.

That has been a mistake that I am going to fix from this point forward in my life.

Although there is an interesting side note that when my food was ready they simply brought it out to me, even though it was about another 10 minutes before the dish that Justin ordered showed up.  Now I am not an expert on Thai food, as I have clearly stated I have never eaten at this restaurant before, but I thought that it was a little weird that no mention was made that my food simply showed up and Bucko was allowed to watch me eat it for several minutes while I sat at the table and felt awkward for both of us.

If this is something I am missing about something, please tell me.  Otherwise both Bucko and I are just going to wonder why the place with good food lets your friends watch you eat.

Comments 2

  • I can not imagine you eatting Thai food. Did you even like the food you ate in front of Bucko? Did you get severe indigestion?

  • Oh, ate a lot of it. It was really good too. No indigestion problems either. Really freakin’ good place.