Count Down to Pig roast

Longest days of the year, those before the roast.

The countdown to the Gillman family pig roast is once again upon us.  People from far and wide are making plans to show up, many of us are making plans to drink, and the really dedicated ones of us are making plans to call into work the next day and simply tell them we won’t be in.  Needless to say it is a very good time of year, and one that everyone should come to.  Although if you are reading this it should already be the highlight of your social calender anyway.

This also starts a great time for Veronica and I, because it is also the countdown to when we need to figure out exactly what the game plan is going to  be for our vacation.  So if you have any ideas on that leave some in the comments, because we are more than welcome to suggestions. We know where we are going, just not what to do on the way.

Also if you are planning on attending the roast this year say something in the comments so we can really plan the insanity.  We are all looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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