The Snuggie Talk

So I think that I have been updating this site for long enough that I can freely talk about Snuggies with everyone.  I don’t have to pull and punches, and I can just be honest.

For those of you who don’t know a Snuggie is advertised as a blanket that has sleeves, ideally so you can do crap around the house without ever having to let your arms leave the comfort of your blanket.  This is a lie, also a problem that no one cared about before this product was out.  A snuggie is a robe that people don’t make fun of you for wearing backwards, also without a belt to close it. This basically makes the entire adventure a broken robe. It isn’t even a new idea, it is basically a hospital gown that doesn’t close, and is a blanket instead of a sheet.

It isn’t that I hate snuggies, but after the wave of Snuggie Bar Crawls (where if you pass out drunk you are already tucked in) all of the good will I had for the thing is gone.  Also they now make Snuggies for dogs, which is wrong. I disagree with all dog clothing by concept, but what confuses me even greater is how people could have possibly trained a dog to be so complaincent that they allowed their owner to cloth them.

Which brings me to my point, I will buy the dog Snuggie and pay 10 dollars to anyone who can wrestle it onto Patchouli, as long as I can tape it.

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