The new Chinchilla cage

The other day Veronica became convinced that Chaz needed more space to run in.  This caused her to look, for two days, online at the newest and greatest Chinchilla cages.  For some unknown reason this didn’t ever really click in my head that she was intending on buying one, which would seem like the natural conclusion to make from such actions.  I don’t really know if I was confused or just so tired from the odd hours that I have been working for the Census that things like “this cage has terrible user reviews!” and, “hrm this one seems good for the cost,” meant nothing to me.  Needless to say when she finally narrowed it down to two choices I was a little surprised that Chaz knew enough to want more.

The two that she came up with where the one pictured above and one that was roughly exactly the same, only six cubic inches bigger.  When she asked me if we should just spend the extra money for the bigger one my main argument was that Chaz wouldn’t care either way.  Then she added, “The bigger one is 100 dollars more.”  This is an interesting fact because that was pretty much the entire cost of the “smaller” one.  Even after it arrived she still maintained we should have gotten the bigger one.

Chaz doesn’t seem to notice as he moves less when he is in this cage than when he was in the other one, almost like he is afraid of how much room he suddenly always has to run around in.  Taking this into consideration I believe that he stands with me on my choice.