Let’s Talk About Ramune

As the first part of the greater adventure into random Asian food I thought a good place to start off would be talking about Ramune (something that every spellchecker I have argues isn’t a word).

Ramune is basically Japanese soda, which on its own isn’t that interesting (in the favors we got.  The store had one that simply said “fruit” which I passed on).  The original pretty much tastes like an uninspired Pepsi and the orange is just an orange soda.  What is cool is how you open it.

Ramune has a small marble that is sealing the bottle, you open it by pushing down on a plastic piece at the top.  Keep in mind that the entire thing, aside from the plastic piece that you throw away after opening it, is made from glass — marble and all– so the process of opening it makes you feel like it is going to shatter in your hand.  After opening the marble falls in and, this is the part that Ramune is know for, stops halfway at the shallow neck.  There are two small lips in the neck that are supposed to catch the marble, and if they are missed the soda can’t be drunk.  It is kind of like an weird game that you play while drinking something.  I promise it is way more interesting the first time you do it.

So, besides this being brown sugar that we bought at an Asian food place it really isn’t that interesting.  The only really good part is that Veronica pretty much said those exact words as I was taking this picture.  To prove her point she even opened one up and ate a piece in front of me.

“Yup, still just brown sugar.” The sad thing is that she pretty much said that as she walked away from me disgusted in my interest in it.

Tomorrow I have at least one random ramen noodle thing with no English writing on it, and hopefully some weird candies to talk about.

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