More Talk about Chickens

I love it when Veronica takes the camera and wanders around, it is kind of like on the nature shows where they strap recording devices to wild animals and we all get to see what it is like to be a tiger or something for a day.  So when my wife has a camera anything that she looks at for more than a couple of seconds gets a picture taken of it, could be rocks, could be the tires on her car, pretty much anything.  Going through the pictures almost gives you the idea of what it would be like to see the world through Veronica’s eyes.

Which is how I got the picture of the chickens, in the front yard at my parents house, going through the newly planted garden looking for something to snack on.  While this picture was taken Veronica was screaming at them to get out of the garden, but not really doing anything else about it.  Not chancing them, making any movement that might make them move, nothing.  I know this because I was inside and became alerted when I heard “Come on guys! Don’t do that!” and looked out the window to find my wife screaming at the poultry and taking a picture.

I don’t know if it is because they know I get annoyed when they go in the front yard, or that they just make good eatin’, but my parents have decided that they needed to get another large chunk on chickens to wander around their property.  Right now these guys are a little to small to go outside and annoy me, so they are kept on the back porch under a heat lamp.  The odd thing about that, though, is that around 10 at night –after having drunk a good amount of beer–  you hear this sound that seems to almost mix perfectly with whatever show you are watching at the time.  Now if this is the last episode of LOST one might start to wonder what is up with all those bird noises that are constantly in every scene, and because it is LOST it must mean something, right?

I hate chickens.

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