Typhoon Veronica

There are two interesting things about Veronica and spring cleaning.  The first is that it normally happens in the summer and not the spring.  The second is that instead of really cleaning she just decides that she is done with half of the stuff in the life and it all needs to be gotten rid of.  I am in the middle of that right now; it kind of feels like some kind of natural disaster as everything is in weird and wrong places, I am walking around dazed, and someone is barking increasingly odd and demanding orders.

Please note I love my wife.

This is one of the few times that I wish that I did have a job, just so I could get out of the house and hide from the confusion (I understand that is what they recommend doing during hurricanes and the like as well).

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  • See post from June 2 2009.
    Also..This time instead of a garage sale this year, I discovered an Auction Company! Heh…

  • There are so many inappropriate comments to reply to this. Getting a job, walking around dazed but I guess I’m just glad you love your wife. She is a great addition to the family.

  • My house looks like this and I am NOT cleaning!

  • Somebody set you up the bomb.

    I think that maybe CRT TV = awesomest fish tank ever, get to it Gillmans.

  • Well it took three days ….But I think the gale fore wind has slowed to a gentle breeze…Hmmm maybe I will go back to bed! =)

  • Consider your self lucky, Her mom just moves under such stress