The Emperor’s New Desk

So after the last post about Veronica going around and cleaning the entire house I decided that the only thing that I could really do to compete with that would be to clean the man cave, and to start with my work area.  Please note that me deciding to do this is pretty much six months of my loving wife yelling at me that something needed to be done.

I hope you notice from the picture my various assortment of random video game stuffed animals, something that I have always wanted to have on the desk but didn’t ever really have the space due to the amount of crap one piles up after not cleaning for two years.  Also to note are a giant bottle of Aspirin (I get migraines and it helps fight the start of them off) and my E3 press badge which is hanging up.  Also the blanket is around the Chinchilla cage to prevent them from throwing poo on my desk.  I wanted them closer so we could hang out while I write.

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