The Little Great Flood

I think that God must have picked up on Veronica’s dislike of the downstairs neighbors and wanted to see if he could help her by flooding them out.  While it is always nice to know that the Big Man has your back on this stuff it made me wonder what our normally flooded basement must look like.  Also Veronica was sitting three feet away from the window and had no idea what was happening until I, the person who sits in a room with all windows closed and all light blocked out, came out to show her.  Somehow she claims I never know what is going on outside…

I mean, the flooding was pretty impressive.  Not like 300 word post impressive, but you know, picture impressive. Oh yeah, and that metal structure is a relay station for the area.  We somehow never lost power.

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  • “The Lord told Noah to build him an ark-ie ark-ie…”
    But on the other hand, I saw a rainbow yesterday so you should be safe.