What Happened to Plattsburgh

It seems rather odd that I have this blog all about the adventures that I take, but the moment that something uproots me and everything I own I get nervous.  Who knows, maybe it is the last couple of ounces of sanity left in my body trying to get me to think before I leap.

Speaking of that, this entire moving adventure started the moment Veronica decided that her best friend in the entire world needed to come home from Colorado.  Through several forms of luck and good will we managed to get a truck to move the stuff, and a plane ticket to get my wife out there.  The problems didn’t really start until she came back though.

Seeing as how she had made such good time on the trip back, and managed to have the truck for almost another week after she dropped her friend off the only logical conclusion was that it was clearly time for the both of us to move as well.  I believe I have officially lived with her too long because this seemed like the most logical thing in the world.

That is until the process started.

So I write about pretty much everything that happens to the two of us, be it good or weird.  The problem about that is it is hard to put these things up without two things, the internet and a camera to take interesting pictures with.  The camera, seeing as how it should just be grafted on my body at this point, was naturally the first thing to get packed.  This was quickly followed with the internet being turned off.  This is also my excuse for not updating in awhile, and as most of you know I will take any excuse I can.

Sadly because of the loss of the camera much of the saga of what happened after everything we own got packed is lost to the ages, and the ones we do have are poorly taken from my phone.  Mainly it was a bunch of my friends coming over and helping for a couple of hours, and Veronica and I complaining about how we seemingly owned everything in the entire Universe and how we should just throw it all away cause we hate it all.  Pretty much the same stitch I do every time we move.

Also there was an entire experience of trying to find any place in the capital area that even resembled something that one could live in.  There was one place that the landlord literally had to open the front door with a screwdriver to let Veronica in, one that was infested with cockroaches, one that hadn’t been worked on Jesus was around– but the landlord just decided it was fine to rent as is, and one that we were told to light candles to cover the smell.  If it wasn’t so funnily terrible I think my wife would have never of stopped crying.

The story of the above pictures is pretty much all about how I was told that we were moving to the city, and yet as a country boy I have never had to stop on a 55 mile an hour road to let cows cross.  Maybe that is just something that people in the city think are normal, but we from the country would simply claim those cows as our own (as the road is everyone’s land) and eat well that night.

But after all of this we did find a really nice place to live. Ok, Veronica found it I just sleep here.

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  • Thank you for the mention in this post about me helping you move, clean and survive the move. Besides that, I love the cows.

  • I love both of you very much. I am glad you found a new home and hope it is not as hard on you as I think it will be, be it ever so humble, there is no place like home, Veronica, with a lot of her mom in her, can be home anywhere, Knowing your family and you, you would always be welcome back there. Just think of this as another adventure. Love you BioMom

  • Dan I think we are the most loved people in the world.

    That Rocks!