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My Brother Shops for Beer

I hate shopping.  If you were to ask my wife what is the worst three things in the world to do with me she would probably name every imaginable form of shopping while continually tell you to simply not do … Continue reading

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The Disappointing Snowfall

When did the weather people decide to start naming winter storms?  I understand the concept of naming hurricanes and such, massive storm fronts that can do enough damage to almost wipe a city off of the map are something that … Continue reading

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The Ramen Noodle Experience

Long time readers of the site will know about my affinity for ramen noodles.  I have written before about instant ramen and how much it is a joy to my heart to enjoy it pretty much as much as I … Continue reading

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Museum Trip

I have lived in the capital area for about two years now, and it is weird that I am still randomly encountering things that trigger memories of my grandmother.  Yes, I am going to start this post out by talking … Continue reading

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Bottomless Steak Fries

So it turns out that this weekend was time for a good old fashioned adventure.  Without really explaining much besides, “Get in the car and shut up,” I was thrown out of the apartment on the last Saturday before I … Continue reading

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