The Quest for Hot Pot

Veronica is addicted to adventure the same way that some people become addicted to narcotics. I can’t really say anything bad about this because her idea of adventure is having a long weekend with me (her husband), seeing new and interesting things, and eating good food. It isn’t like she is forcing me to go sky diving or punching sharks in the face while riding a tiger; at the moment she seems to be completely at peace with just going around and exploring New England to the fullest extent.

Hot Enough for Ya Spring

One of the last things that really needs to be written about our trip to Alaska (as it was now some five months ago), is the Chena Hot Springs.  Not that I would ever admit this to my wife, but this is probably the one thing that I had been looking forward to the most …

Hot Pot Alaska

The most memorable part, of all, was when Veronica finally got the shrimp she had been longing for delivered to the table – only to see that they were fully intact shrimp.  She then sat there staring at them, impressively sad.  I was about to say something about cleaning them for her when our waitress came back and asked if anything was wrong.  Veronica did her slight and sheepish, “No,” which always means yes.  The waitress picked up on this instantly and plainly asked if she wanted the heads cut off.  I have not seen my wife smile like that since we have gotten married.  In her defense the shrimp were huge, and I kind of wish I had ordered them.

There and Back Again: Alaska

This picture sums up Alaska perfectly

The trip to Alaska is hard to talk about.  The first couple of days we had the issue of being jet lagged out of our minds, something that wasn’t really helped by the sun deciding to come up around 6 AM and not going down until well after 9 PM – at the best of times …