The Worst Day Ever: Preview


In roughly one minute Windows Vista is officially launched for the public.  That is great and all, but I am working a 10 hour day by myself on an operating system that takes roughly 45 minutes to get started up.  Add on top of that the people who are going to be wondering into the store with rebate forms looking for a free copy.  That is great and everything but those forms were supposed to be mailed in less then 30 days after the purchase of the computer.  I am going to be dealing with an ass ton of very angry people who want nothing more then to scream at me for an hour about how their computer should have been done before they bought it.

This entire entry might sound a little negative, but I was planning to write for awhile tonight after I left work.  When I got home the only thing that seemed to be able to call my name was the TV.  After that everything that came on was sponsored again and again with Windows Vista.  All of this just kept bringing up thoughts about the longest day time has ever created, tomorrow.

I have worked with Vista for about 4 hours tonight before I came home and that only thing that I can really think to tell anyone is that it is a steaming pile of dog shit and that no one should touch the fucking thing until someone gets some kind of patch going so it doesn’t take five minutes for Windows to “warm up”.  Remember running XP in a computer with 256 megs of ram?  That is what running Vista with 1 gig feels like.

Wish me luck.