Amsterdam Mall

Dear People of Amsterdam,

It has been 40 years. Get over it.

Thank you.

So for anyone else who doesn’t live in Amsterdam, as was the condition I was in until just a few months ago, and is completely clueless on what I am talking about I have a great story for you.

In the early 1970’s someone in town, who has probably been exiled from this area along with anyone that shares the same last name, decided that what the town really needed to be successful was a modern mall built in the center of downtown.  Granted this was a little odd because the people who built it decided that placing in the exact middle of Main Street and making a series of one way roads around it was a simply inspired building ideal, but through all the series of possibly unwise choices that where made the place finally got built.

And for the next four decades that have followed the entire town has been angry about it.

From what I have gathered the complaints seem to center around how wonderful downtown used to be before the mall was built.  There are other arguments about how the roads are stupid, which is a valid complaint for the first two years it happens and after it is not really a surprise anymore.  From what I can gather the town has never done anything to actively try to demolish the building and rebuild Main Street to what it was, even though you would have to be almost 60 to have an honest opinion of what the town was before, and have instead optioned to never shop there.

From what Veronica tells me the mall has always been “dead”, in the sense that there aren’t shops there anymore, and at one point even had a miniature golf course on the top floor– which honestly sounds pretty awesome and some place that everyone should have always taken ever date always.  What has happened is that the entire area has changed into one giant office building with everything from the local radio station to district attorney offices, which is kind of fun because it is the first office building you can go to and make faces at people trying to work while wishing it still had an Orange Julius.

I would be shot if I didn’t mention that during our last adventure to the mall an old lady was heard saying, “Well whatever, I would still like to have our Main St. back to the way it was!” Keep in mind this was also directly after walking out of the old people activity center in the mall.

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  • WhatDan fails to mention is that we were there to actually exercise. as the mall is EMPTY for the most part it is a great walking track!

  • At least they found ways to use the space, besides of course, a place to hide from zombies.

  • Danial, your heart just was not into this one, whats up?

  • Aw, man, you forgot to take a pic of the OTB down by the parking garage. That seems to be the busiest place in town on Sundays! Smoke billowing out and old men screaming…

    Brought back some awesome memories! Last time I was there an old guy told us to keep our guard up because there was a stabbing right around there just a couple weeks back.

  • Chris…when were you in the Amsterdam mall. Seriously!