Fixed: The Redneck Way

I brought up my broken glasses last week.  Since then, at the very least, five people have tried different methods to fix them.  By far my attempts where the worst as I am 90% blind without them, so they ended up just looking like a giant mess of tape and confusion.  Veronica’s method was to use amazingly strong craft tape and about five pounds of super glue, and that worked for a little while.  Other friends tried crazy things like fiber glue, or something, that is supposed to bind anything together –that didn’t work.  At one point a soldering iron was brought out, which oddly had no effect on them at all.

Enter them falling apart once in front of my father.

Even though it was kind of late at night he sat down with them for over an hour trying different things to get them to stay in place.  The first night he managed to get something that held together rather well, but after a couple of hours they broke apart again.  At this point I left them on the kitchen table and pretty much tried to think about how I was going to get home with no eye sight.

Waking up the next morning I found that not only where they fixed, the part that was broken seemed to be the strongest part of the entire frame.  My dad is my hero.

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