I Hate Computers

It is hard not to come to a conclusion on how a week is probably going to go when Monday manages to screw you over pretty hard.  I woke up this morning, drove Veronica into work (her car is receiving an unknown amount of repairs at the moment), and promptly got into writing some articles and other assorted things.  Around 1 PM I was feeling all kinds of productive and decided that I might as well wander into the man cave and play some video games for a couple of minutes before I worked on a blog post, maybe play some games I have for review, and after that finish up with doing the dishes.  Needless to say I was feeling pretty sure about how awesome the day was going.

That is until my computer decided that it no longer enjoyed running windows.

Remember, this was at 1 and I needed to go and pick Veronica up from work around 4:30.  At some point I thought that I would be able to rally from this set back and still manage the rest of the day.  Trying to repair windows basically just made my computer laugh at me, which is always nice to get error messages you have never seen before.  Trying to reinstall windows over the current installation pretty much just caused the computer to sit still and think really hard about the fact that it hated me.

At that point I had had enough and just decided to jump into Linux, back up what little important things I had and format the life out of the monster.  Take into consideration that this required Chuck running point and grabbing gear from his house and also that it is now midnight and my computer is only now working at what I would call a passable rate.  Feel happy though, updating the blog is the first thing I did!

Sometime Alcohol IS The Answer

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