White People’s Problems

So instead of being timely, and also because I can’t find my camera to share with the world Veronica’s birthday weekend, I am going to talk about something that my wife did weeks ago that has since been resolved.

As a writer it kind of helps if you can force some kind of routine on yourself to continually produce content.  The upside to this is that simply sitting down in the right chair with a properly temperatured cup of coffee and another giant cup of water can quickly put you in the mood to write, and makes everything else seemingly go away.  The problem with this is that when one of those things is messed up it gets kind of hard to get that same feeling.  So this is where the problem came into play when Veronica decided that she needed the bar.

So when my wife decided that the only place that had a constant enough climate to house all of the soil pod-things that she had was my bar, I was kind of out of luck.  I am sure that she will say something about how that is going to give us awesome and amazing veggies all throughout the summer, but let’s be honest it kept me from finding a comfy place to update the blog–that is clearly more important.

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