Veronica + Dirt = Happy Hippy

I was going to write about my wife’s grand adventures over the weekend, and how from Thursday at work until last night after the surprise party was the “best birthday week ever!”, but when I grabbed my camera and started to upload the pictures I was simply amazed at pretty much the only two images that I got from her several days in the mountains and thought they might explain things better.

Now when I say adventure it might conjure up some grand scale journey where she fought some kind of evil doers, but the truth of the matter is that she went to my parents’ house so my father could cook for her and my mom could take her to as many thrift stores as man could possibly manage to support in the Adirondacks.  That is, of course, until she seeming went feral and started rolling around in dirt and setting fire to things.

From what I can gather, on Saturday after 2 PM, she spent about 20 minutes (which where only for food and “freshening drinks”) inside until around 2 in the morning– and only came in then because I tricked her back into the house right before she passed out like a narcoleptic in a sleeping contest.  During this almost 12 hour course all I could gather is that she wanted to take as much of the dirt from “her mountains” home with her as she could while tricking me into thinking that she just didn’t shower.  Her plan ultimately failed because I wouldn’t let her into her own car under the premise that she would ruin her seat.  Considering the amounts of stains from dropped drinks/ice cream/food/rain/other(?) on that seat I have no idea how that worked.

Friday the 12th

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