Update Your Picture Mom

So one of the things that I was pretty insistent about when I went to my parents’ house this weekend was taking a picture of the two of them so that my mother could update her Facebook profile picture.  I mean, really, it has been a couple of years and the last one was taken before my father went to Mongolia and had an egg timer implanted in his chest.  Also because I don’t think he has trimmed his beard since then, so he is looking more and more insane as the days go by.

If it helps put any of this into context I took the pictures right before Veronica and I left, because if you don’t wait until the last minute to do something it really shouldn’t have been done at all.

Of course you have to have one with Patchouli in it, and because my wife was there I guess that she needed to insert herself in one of the pictures too.  Hopefully this will be enough for my mom to update that photo, considering I gave her three different ways to do just that, and we can all see something new when she has a hot comment about whatever status update we have decided to post.

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