Vista: The Day of

I don’t know who’s bright idea that it was to staff only two people in the entire department that sells Computers, camera’s, cell phones, mp3 players, and camcorders (not to mention only one tech to work on computers, me) today but they really need to get fired. If you haven’t been around for awhile today was the launch of Vista. I think it is very important to note that our store hasn’t had a supply of computers in about two weeks so anyone who wanted to buy one came today.

It was chaos.

Not only was it so busy that we had everyone from every department from the store (one person left to man the other 3/4 of the store, the delivery people didn’t go out today just so they could help) helping people get computers down, not bringing up that I was the only person in the store that had any idea what the hell you needed to do when you were starting up the new systems (you seriously have to hit the power button and walk away for up to half an hour before it even lets you touch it), not bringing up that most of the programs that the sales people were selling and having me install don’t even work on Vista and I had to find whatever crude zero day patch I could find to just get everything booted, not bringing up that I didn’t get a break for ten hours (also known as two hours longer then a normal human day shift), if you ignore all of that Vista is still one of the worst Windows launches I have ever seen. The program is terrible. Nothing is were it is supposed to be and the system basically comes pre-installed with two anti-virus programs on it (by the way that crashes your system and gives you viruses).

I still have to deal with all the morons that work in that department.

Best line from today:

“This isn’t busy. This is just like a normal Saturday for me.” Really? Are you trying to play it cool with that customer, or are you trying to take them home? Because that really don’t sound like you are trying to sell a PC.  That sounds like you are trying to work your way into their taco stained-sweat pants.  If you want to go flirt walk out into the food court and work your way to the center of a Twinkie, don’t do it in front of people who are trying to work in a crowd of 30 other people who are waiting to be helped.

I know that I have put in my notice and they probably won’t fire me at this point for anything that I could possibly do, but the fact remains that dealing on people I work with is like making fun of a learning disabled adult when they clap and jump after turning on the TV.  Yes, it worked again this time, we get it.  It is there and we all know that we should point and laugh but it is just too damn easy.

I did get snippy today with the sales associates when one of them started telling customers that their computer was going to be ready roughly 45 minutes before I could even possibly get it into Vista.  He quickly corrected himself in front of the customer and said that it would be ready, but 15 minutes later.  I believe I said something along the lines of “that is find if you want to show up then for your computer, but you can wait for half an hour until it is done.”

About an hour later that floor rep was directing all of the customers to me for all of their sales needs (I fix computers. I don’t sell things).

This lead to me almost punching a cusomter who insisted that I “fetch them a computer” after I told them twice that I didn’t do that, and even if I did normally do that I was way to backed up to even think about helping out on the floor.  She got really snappy and I just smiled and walked away.  I really need to start yelling at work.

On the bright side:

 Doodlebops 2