With the Feathers, Still?

If you notice that the image is not the standard crispness you can blame my cellphone, or if you wish you could say that it is entirely my lack of a smart phone.

Today I was sent to the post office with all of the feathers that have sold over the weekend, also only those that have been paid for (please don’t get my wife started on that), and suddenly felt the urge to discuss this with the few people that still read this site.  I mean, I remember when she started doing all of this feathering thing and we all tried as hard as we could not to laugh at the insane amount of chicken parts that where strewn around the living area. That was months ago.  They are still selling like crazy.

At what point do we have to look at her and kind of understand the fact that she was right in all of this?  I know that is a scary thought, Veronica being correct about something, but it is sadly something that must be addressed.  I stood at the post office today for almost fifteen minutes shipping these things out.  A line formed behind me because I had been there that long.  I didn’t know that you could get a line of people at the post office, clearly you only need to ship 60 items all at once to make it happen.

Comments 3

  • your a good hubby, bet you can’t wait till next mon . dad

  • This is the first thing Veronica is right about??? I think not. Just the first you have admitted to.Also, Jessica Mulvey would like to sell the feather at the farm stand. Let me know.

  • Seems to me Veronica is right about quite a lot. She did in fact marry you.