Introducing Barbados

We went out and got Chaz supplies yesterday.  The entire time Veronica walked around the store acting like she needed something to love.  Oddly she seemed to bond the best with a parrot that was around, to the point that they both started dancing together –her in the isle and he in the cage– in the plain view of the entire store.  Here is my theory on why she only gets a fish:

1: She has killed three of them up to this point.  All of them, aside from one, under very “interesting events”.

2: If she kills a fish we are out about 10 dollars total, including the food and its home.

3:  It is colorful.  I am sure that will distract her for several hours a day.  That is good for me.

Comments 5

  • what is a patriot?

  • Veronica dancing in a pet store…now there is a visual that will get me through many a difficult situation with a smile on my face. Even if we don’t understand what she was dancing with.

  • I am sure that you could have figured out that the spelling error that both Veronica and I missed was referring to a parrot mom.

    Also, really? After all these years what throws you off guard about this story the most is that my wife was dancing in the middle of an isle in a store? You have met her mother and spent time with the rest of her family. Under those conditions I would have assumed that you had seen such an event before, and possible been dragged into it. Also consideration needs to be taken because Amy is your sister and I have met her family. Those are dancing in the store kind of people.

  • The fact that Veronica will dance in the isle of a pet store with a PARROT is what makes her family. And, of course, because she loves you.

  • I love all my family! I am the luckiest girl in the whole world!