The Long Awaited Update

I have been told repeatedly that I have not been updating enough.  Normally I would try and throw up excuses and everything, but the reason is that I have just been busy.  Veronica seems to think that being busy is a perfect reason to have things to talk about to the world in general—that is great as it just makes me feel like I need a nap.

For those of you who are not aware, we moved recently.  Regardless of what one can say, it is rather painful and complicated to sit down and write something when all you want to do after work is not look at everything that you own and wish that you had never bought any of it. At this point the page has existed for long enough that it has followed me through several moves, so I am sure that everyone knows exactly how little I care for the action.  Here is a pro tip, don’t do it in a heat wave so insane that even the newscasters start to want to down play how bad it is because they can’t stand the concept of warmth any more.

Also my parents showed up and helped, so that was awesome.

I threw a bachelor party for Bucko a little while ago as well, and as the code states I can’t talk about much.  One thing that I do kind of want to point out is that I looked rather hard at getting balloons for the event, because you know what is awesome? Drunk people with high pitched voices.

You know what could make that even better?  Know that you are stabbing one of the worst pop icons of the last decade in the face, but you know… in balloon form.  Sadly I was talked out of this idea, even though it was awesome, for some reason.  Now that I think about it I can’t really think about why I didn’t end up with insane balloons all over the place.  At the time the logic of not doing it seemed sound, now I am just kind of confused and angry…

Also this:


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