Having a friend text you at work and tell you that his webpage, that you host and run all of the tech support on, has been hacked is not something that anyone wants to hear at the end of a work day.  Having your father text you, keep in mind this is my father (a man that didn’t know how to use a cellphone until he was forced kicking and screaming to use it), and ask what happened to your –blog minutes later– is the last thing anyone wants.  Given how busy I was at work today it sure managed to end pretty poorly.

As some of you probably already know, and the rest of you have probably ended up guessing by my rather long intro, the site was hacked today.  A friend of mine and I have gone through and managed to restore everything to as close to normal as we can figure at the moment.

I am not going to mention the hackers “handle”, because that could be possibly spreading some form of attention that they seemingly want, I will point out that there was some kind of anti-woman hate message left in place on all of the sites that I host.  Now don’t get me wrong, normally I am a person that thinks women are up for any job that men can do– today it is hard to be that person.

A long time ago Justin Bucko, Pat King, and I took a road trip to see a college friend.  We spent a very sad and rain filled week at his apartment, in which he was not there because his Grandmother had just died (and he oddly still let us use the place), playing Halo and getting very drunk.  When we were driving home, at this point in the story Bucko is taking his turn behind the wheel (sober, but hating going back to classes the next day), a person in a mini-van passes Justin, cuts him off and slams on their breaks.  They proceed to drive like there was a nest of hornets sewn into their seat for several miles, basically causing everyone around us to become afraid and annoyed at them.

After less than a minute of this Justin uttered something that I will always remember, “Maybe if you want to convert me to Christianity with your bumper sticker it would be better to not drive like the biggest jerk ever.”

He was right, you know.  After everything that happened today with the website all I can think is, “Man, Feminists are jerks” and not that hackers are terrible people.  If this person was part of a giant pro-man group using attacks on people to slowly turn them against women, good for you and your amazingly lack of logic approach– I think it is working.

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  • Sorry for your troubles. For my part, I didn’t understand the message the hackers left and thought if they spent all the time and trouble to hack your website, they should have made thier theme clearer. And it got you to update the website. AND, settle down with the women bashing. One idiot should not have such an impacct on your life.. I do like the Justin story.