itty bitty

Things happen.  Veronica and I are no longer the proud owners of a flying squirrel.  Not something that I really want to go into, because I wasn’t happy with the way that everything went down dealing with it.  Needless to say both my wife and I ended up feeling terrible about everything, and in an effort to make me feel better about my place in life it was very briefly mentioned that we pretty much had everything that was needed for us to own a hamster.  At the time this was kind of annoying and hallow because another pet was the last thing that I wanted to think about.

Until the other day when we both walked into PetSmart to pick up some Timothy Hay for Chaz and noticed a sign on the Chinchilla enclosure saying that the store was giving away free hamsters.

It turns out, that for some reason unknown to man, that the pet store cannot selling animals that were born in the store.  Even though I had already been promised a new animal to get over my mourning I gleefully turned to Veronica and said, “Can I have a free hamster?!?”  While it has become a lifelong goal to turn that woman into an animal person I have to admit that both her growing love for furry things and obligations to past promises was entirely ignored in favor of hearing the words “free” around what I was saying.  Honestly I am sure I could pass off coming home with an alligator if I wrapped it around the word “free” enough times.

Now, granted, this is a retail store late at night.  This simple, “I can get one of those free hamsters” turned from a 30 second prospect into an hour of us waiting around for someone to come around who knew what we were talking about. Also Veronica demanded that we receive a girl, I think so that she doesn’t feel so clearly outnumbered in the house by us awesome men, although considering that the store is supposed to be an “all female” store and one of the hamsters had babies I strongly doubt the ability of the people working there to lift up the skirts and check to make sure that they aren’t just very confused boy hamsters.

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