Let me tell you about our bread maker

It has been long enough since Christmas that there isn’t really any reason that I can’t talk about it on the site, mainly because it has given me enough distance from the event that it adds some kind of flavor to the event for everyone involved, but also because I am lazy and only getting to it now.  In all honesty I am going to talk less about Christmas and more about one gift that we received.

The Bread Maker.

I don’t know the last time that my family received something that fundamentally changed pretty much every single day of our lives.  Granted, last year Veronica got a chest freezer that seemingly only holds random awesome—because no one argues with a bag of cookies that appears for no reason during the day—but I am pretty sure that our bread maker has undergone more usage at our house then by the company that was contracted to test the thing.  If it wasn’t so awesome I would feel bad for the Freihofers because they are losing upwards of two bread sales a month from us.

One of the things that I have noticed is that we do seem to find random reasons to use the device, as if both Veronica and I are trying to ignore the perfectly good, although almost two day old, piece or two of bread that we have left while making another loaf.  Sure, warm, fresh bread is probably one of the few things that all people can agree is amazing—but it is getting hard to justify eating this many carbs.  I am not even someone that believes in the Atkins diet, but I do have to believe that eating a loaf of bread to your head a day might not be the best thing in the world.

All of that said it is hard to deny the fact that homemade bread with my dad’s maple syrup is the greatest thing.  Also, because I know that the Zimmermans are reading, we have had eggs in a basket (African eggs if you hail from the family) with the bread as well.  Even though I have constant complaints about how well Veronica has cooked this dish in the past… she really managed to win the right to continue cooking it this time.

Also, homemade pizza is both awesome and cheap.

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