Buying Better Beer

Possibly one of the best conversations that I have had recently with Veronica is about beer.  While that is probably not something that most people openly admit or go running around telling people of the world, I think it is pretty clear from my track record that it is something that I would end up posting on this site as I have almost no common sense.   All that said I should probably point out that my wife has taken to drinking beer, my guess is because one needs to become intoxicated to live with me and that it is the only alcohol that is readily on the premises – and going to the store to continually buy something else might clue me in.

Also for your consideration is that it is entirely possible to get into odd habits that become hard to explain to others.  For instance my grandmother drank Tawny Port for decades because when she and my grandfather were first married it was what they could afford to make an attempt to impress their parents when they dropped bu, and would get drunk on it afterwards.  For most of my life I have been drinking Labatte Blue because my father drinks it, and managed to start drinking any beer that was cheap during my long stay at being unemployed.  Last Friday, before going to work, I was pulled aside by my loving wife and simply told, “We are not broke.  You don’t have to buy crap beer anymore.  It is ok.”

Now I know two things that are worth pointing out, the first is that Yuengling isn’t that exotic of a beer or what most people would classify as a “high class beer,” as I will not be pulling out my monocle and top hat while drinking it.  The second is that there is a rather large beverage center that is located rather closely to me.  Both of these things are true, but in the same instance you don’t tell your kid to plan a cross country road trip the moment that they get their license.  Also, please keep in mind that this is ending a several month spree of buying basically only Coors, so this is like eating European (cheap) candy after years of eating what Mexicans try to pass off as candy.  No lie, I watched Stark try to eat an olive encased in a clear looking gelatin. It also smelled.

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