Itty Bitty’s New Cage

There are two things that I am proud of in my marriage.  The first is that Veronica now enjoys the cold weather, or as she puts it, “Oh no… I am now one of you!”—which, thanks babe that makes me feel like I am a frost giant from the Thor movie.  The second is that I have managed to turn her into an animal person.  The first one might seem like a large feat, something that one might even include in a resume as it is amazingly impressive; the truth is that the animal part was so much more difficult.

When we first met I was on the verge of buying a chinchilla, something that we know as fact I never followed through with (Hi Chaz), and managed to talk me into buying an amazingly small (dwarf) hamster.  In the time that followed she proceeded to do everything she could to hate that creature.  From putting a hair scrunchy behind her wheel so she couldn’t run to implying that she didn’t have feelings as she was a small, stupid animal—granted those are the two examples that I could come up with, at the time I felt them to be rather harsh.

A seemingly life time later we suddenly have a free hamster who refuses to run in a wheel anytime that Veronica is around (they clearly aren’t stupid as the word traveled all the way to this one) and enjoys climbing the side of her cage instead.  The problem is that she never really seems to have an exit strategy to this and normally decides that the best course of action to get back down is to simply let herself drop. The issue with this is that several times she has managed to get her leg stuck in the cage, once seemingly having problems getting it out until I went over and helped.  I told Veronica this, and the next day after work she returned with a massive –from a hamster based size—amount of tubes for itty bitty to crawl through.

While we on the subject of the hamster, my mom got her two large “treats” for Christmas—getting pets something on Christmas is kind of a tradition in my family because, unlike old Veronica, we are animal people—and I have been waiting to give her these treats because she had one very similar shortly after we got her, and they are roughly five times her size.  Oddly we call these treats “her boyfriends” because she doesn’t really move from the side of them once they are in her cage until the moment the last morsel is removed.  It is was also pointed out to me recently that she seemingly likes to climb to the top to base jump off of them as well.

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