The Not So Much Ice Castle

Most people might not know this, but Veronica needed a vacation rather badly right around Valentine’s Day.  If most of you didn’t know, she was a florist, and even worst is the fact that she is now in the planning stages of flower-things (the scientific term for what she does) which means that from October to around the beginning of June she is working over 60 hours a week.  This might be good for her paycheck, but it isn’t that great for her sanity.  Thus she married me, the only person in the world who can make her relax, mainly through force.

The plan started like this, capture her in the car by telling her that there was more work that we needed to drive to, then drive to my parent’s house hours away and hide her car keys and cellphone.  It is kind of depressing that the mention of mountains was enough for her to request the time off, and I am guessing that everyone at work was starting to see the insanity in her eyes and was more than happy to let her go away for a bit.  Regardless, I still have that plan in my back pocket if I ever really need it.  The best part is that the secret is that if you hold her still for five minutes she falls asleep as some kind of nature Veronica based reaction, so if worse comes to worst I can just hold her still, move her to the car, and drive her up.

The main thing that my wife seemed to be the most excited about seeing during this adventure was Saranac Lake’s ice castle.  In all honesty I think that the last time that I did anything besides drive by it and become annoyed by the people who were stopping traffic from getting through I was in elementary school.  I remember it all being exciting, but then again this was also back in the day when you were allowed to go inside, they pretty much built slides out of ice for children, you could smoke in public without being asked to stop, and it was encouraged for women to drink while pregnant.  While I am pretty sure that most of that doesn’t happen anymore regardless, this year the entire thing was just roped off so people couldn’t get near it, as pretty much the entire structure was just falling down.

So I think I need to point out the running joke that we came up while checking out what remained of the quickly melting, and oddly Russian looking, buildings.  The theme was “Alien Invasion,” and everything was made out of ice.  The natural conclusion that my wife jumped to was that it was clearly my people who came looking for me so I could go back to my cold planet of snow.  At some point I think Veronica even had some kind of odd story figured out about how it all worked, but really who can say whatever goes on in her head.

Comments 2

  • Daniel, you NEVER drive when Veronica is in the car. You hit the magic button.

  • I’m sorry you didn’t get to go when it was open! If it’s any consolation, I slipped going out the door and banged my entire self, head included, on the ice-floor, so maybe you didn’t want to go inside anyway. I’m glad you got Veronica out of town for a bit of rest.