Grandchild Collage

Half really creepy, half super endearing, all clearly done by my mother—the first thing that anyone visiting my parent’s will see is a grand mural of my mom’s favorite photo of the grandchildren.  Every time that I visit it is like a little game that I get to play, can I notice if she changed anything from the last time that I was there—the secret is that I would never know as it has all started to blend together.  What started off kind of sweet, her printing out a picture of Bradana and taping it up because it wasn’t good enough paper to be suitable for framing, quickly grew out of hand as every picture acquired was added.

Please remember this is saying that it got out of hand when there was just one child in existence, there are now three of them.  I will say that the abstract-art installment has become more diversified throughout the years, but it worries me that if Veronica and I ever spawn a creature that there is a danger that my childhood home could simply turn into an archival grounds of pictures of young Gillman beasts.  The thought of what happens should any of those decide to capture a baby and call it their own should frighten the town.

Say what you want, my parents love their Grandchildren.

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