Veronica’s Mason Jar

Regardless of what Veronica says about me not managing to give her anything on her birthday the truth is that I still kind of feel like a jerk about it.  I would be lying if I said that this feeling hasn’t started to creep into my habits and causing me to stop places and randomly picking her up snacks or something if I am ever out, or like recently when she was having a bad day and I asked her best friend if she knew anything that might just cheer up Veronica.  She said yes, and it was called a Cuppow.

There are two things that I want to point out before I start talking about the product itself; the first being that it was 12 dollars to basically buy a lid for a mason jar.  It isn’t that the product doesn’t seem nice or anything, it does and Veronica won’t stop using it. It is just that it seems to be made out of rather cheap plastic and something that would probably break the first time that my wife drops the jar (don’t act like that isn’t a valid certainty).  I really wanted to buy her two or more of them, but that is just a stupidly high price, even if it is something that she has yet to stop using.

The second thing is that the shipping time on it was really long.  I ordered the product a good two weeks before it arrived at the apartment.  This means that not only was this enough time for her to forget about whatever it was that was stressing her out that she needed a present for, but instead managing to show up during another massive issue—mainly that the two of us have had one of the more nasty colds in recent memory.  If this was something that was either cheap to ship or wasn’t half of the 12 dollar cost I would look the other way, but I recently had an entire computer shipped to me, realistically twice due to a missing part, for a grand total of 4 dollars shipping.

So the lid, and unless you just skipped here and didn’t read the rest of the words above, is kind of cool.  Veronica loves it and uses it to drink everything out of a mason jar.  I think that I can count on one hand how many times I have bought her something that she actively enjoys to this level.  The problem, for me, is that while she thinks that it is the greatest thing ever I can’t help but think that it is basically a sippy cup for adults.  Sure, it is great and cool and really reinforces the entire, “her being a massive hippy thing,” and I am really glad that she like sit—still can’t get over that.

Although, in my experience as a married man it kind of seems like a race to gather as much stuff as you can make fun of the other person with.  I have this, and she has feeding me a cookie with dog hair in it.

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