Veronica’s Family

Most of us have met Veronica’s mother.  We are all fully aware of the state of life that she lives is anything besides what one would consider “normal”.  Please take this into consideration as I am talking about that side of the family.  Granted she is still considered to be the odd one in that set of people, but when you meet them you can kind of understand the standard deviation from the norm that would produce something as interesting as her.

Going to the family gathering in and of itself was interesting as it seemed like a blue print for everything that Veronica would later obsess about later in life. To start the gathering takes place on top of a mountain that overlooks a valley, with additional mountains surrounding it.  The distance to the closest neighbor is such that you could probably fire a gun in that general direction and never hit anything besides trees and squirrels.  The landscape so closely resembles everything that she whispers about while sleeping that it kind of looks like one of her day dreams snuck out of her head and into reality when I had taken the dream catcher down for repairs. It seems that every road that isn’t leading up to or down from the top of a mountain has some kind of peaceful little brook to one side, and I am sure that in Veronica’s mind the birds also come and chirp on your shoulder when you start singing.

Second there was a nice snug log cabin hidden about a half mile down a trail from the house.  In seemingly a twist that my dad will enjoy, this is a hunting cabin that seems to have—at one point—had electricity running to it.  Even though there was—what seemed like— a working full kitchen area, probably only with cast iron items if Veronica’s family is anything like her, and two beds one still has to go about a hundred yards out to use an outhouse.  It just kind of seems odd to me that one would prioritize cold beer, cooking dinner, and lights over a flushing toilet and not having to stumble around—probably drunk—in the dark while fighting all kinds of insects to poop.

I should also point out that not everything was mountains and rivers; there are also some amazing sledding hills to be had throughout.  While this might not seem like something that Veronica would randomly long for in her ideal world it should be pointed out that this looks exactly like the hill that is in the opening credits of “Little House on the Prairie”.  If anyone knows anything about that show/books it would be Veronica as I have heard from her younger sisters about how she used to torture them by forcing them to sit and listen as they were read the books.

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