Let’s Talk about Jam

A couple of years ago I wrote an thing that basically said that the process of making jam is not free, please bring back your mason jars in a timely manner so that we don’t have to replace them every year.  As far as I can tell that struck home with the people that it wasn’t an issue with, so for those of you who return the jars thank you.

This year I wanted to bring up something else, something closer to home for me.   This something is named Veronica.

Veronica looks forward, for months, to going out into the fields and picking roughly two to four small children’s weight worth of strawberries.  It is like she is some kind of machine and the only way to earn her real girl status is by building a body out of fruit, or like she has some really weird rivalry with someone that none of us have ever met and only she can see and she has to prove they are real by producing more tubs of red yummy then her imaginary friend.

The scary thing is that is that picking is not even the best part for her.

The best part for my wife and strawberries is turning them into jam.  I think it has something to do with the process of taking several items that seem to have nothing to do with each other and proceeding to make something new and amazing that everyone loves at first sight.  That and I think that it might have to do with her father being a baker or something, but who knows. Veronica is weird.

The point I am trying to make is that this amazing woman pretty much puts her all into every single jar that is produced, and when they turn out wrong or she feels that people are taking advantage of her and the product it upsets her.   She understands that every batch cannot be perfect, or right, but when one of them refuses to set for some reason or something odd goes wrong she takes it to heart.  The same can be said when people just expect to be given extra jars, like it is a right and not something that was made with hours of love and weird dance moves that she does when she doesn’t think I am looking.

I guess I am trying to say that when you eat the jam or even take a free jar that my family is happy to give you, it isn’t just that they cost about 8 dollars to produce—we have been doing pig roasts in the past for a loss and will probably keep doing them in the future just for the gathering of people—it is the effort and fun and summer smiles that went in.  Just remember to be thankful.

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  • Awww Daniel your so sweet… Ad I will never deny anyone jam… But damn straight hand back the jars! I am thankful mom and dad let me take over the kitchen and do my funny duppa dance while I stir red lava and giggle. And not for nothing but mom is a major part of my berry adventure, so let’s set the record straight… My first batch this year did not set up… And mom has magic fix it jam powers! So thanks Marylou!!!

  • Man, I hate it when a huge batch doesn’t set on the first go-round. It is infuriating to me to empty everything back into the pot, clean all the jars, and start all over.
    I’m glad you had a helpful accomplice in this adventure!

  • If we didn’t give away the jam to everyone we know, we wouldn’t be able to reason picking some many,many, many, many pounds of strawberries and making them into jam. Also, we need to be thankful for all the delights of our lives, small and large and especially strawberry jam. And strawberry shortcake. And naps and…

  • I’m not to keen on the jam making process……but a quick thought may include Thunder shaking his bum with his wifey……..to promote said setting.

    Rain Dance = Rain
    Thunder + Wifey shaking what their mother’s gave them = setting jam

    If this ever plays out, please provide pictures of Thunder exerting himself.


  • Talkin’ about milkshakes in the yard!