Hanging out with Nana

I believe that I have stated before that about once I week I make the trip to visit my father’s mother and give her a hard time about stuff, if I haven’t please reread this sentence to get up-to-date.  Most of the time it consists of going shopping with her, or doing some other little errands just to help out and make sure that she is thoroughly bothered before I leave. I have been doing this for three or four months now so at the very least the annoying her part and the grocery shopping I have down to a science.  The shopping part is particularly easy because SHE NEVER BUYS ANYTHING DIFFERENT.

So the funny story I have about this shopping experience is that I managed to complete the entire list of groceries that she wanted—she has a list, because she needs store brand aspirin this time just to mix things up I guess—in about 10  minutes.  Keep in mind that even the random things that she can think of are pretty much the same exact purchases that she has gotten several times before, and she is so brand loyal that you kind of need to remember what she buys because I have been randomly tasked with going foraging without her.  Needless to say that this threw her for a loop, which was kind of fun when she said things like, “This can’t be right. I have to be forgetting something.” And we proceeded to walk around the store for another 10 minutes just to make sure.

So while I was in the car with her, going to the store, I asked if she had been going to the poker club that the entire family had been harassing her that she should attend.  She said something brief, like “oh yes” and became rather quit.  Keep in mind that she is a Gillman and related to my father so this could be considered a long conversation at that point, regardless I pressed further.  I asked her how much she won, to which she replied:

“We only play for pennies, so not that much.”

Well played Nana, I see what you did there.  I asked how many pennies she ended up, figuring it would be a low amount.

“Over 50.”

Lesson of the day 1: My Nana is a card shark.

If that wasn’t enough, and because I had almost an entire story out of her and kind of felt like I was on a roll, I asked if she had been taking part in any other of the activities she has access to now.  She responded that she had gone bowling.  Seeing as how most bowling balls weigh roughly the same amount that she does soaking wet I wanted to call bullshit on this and asked where.  She said the one with the stick and screen.

So Nana went Wii bowling.  My Nana plays video games.

On this one she volunteered the information that she had bowled a 198, and managed to beat everyone there save one person—that person goes all the time from what I gather.  This was Nana’s first experience with video games.  I am pretty sure she isn’t going to be allowed to play with the other kids if she keeps this kind of stuff up.

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