The Ramen Noodle Experience

Long time readers of the site will know about my affinity for ramen noodles.  I have written before about instant ramen and how much it is a joy to my heart to enjoy it pretty much as much as I can regardless of sodium content.  Well wouldn’t you know it that Veronica also seems to know this too as the other day, directly after the last day that we went there, she decided that I simply needed to ingest more almost authentic Asian food due to the amount that I had enjoyed the last go round.

Above is pictured the first time I have ever had a real bowl of ramen, not the ones that you bowl water and wait for three minutes and “enjoy”—this is pretty much as close to the real stuff that you can get without find some random guy cooking it on the side of the street from a booth on wheels.  It seems that Veronica was not fully aware of this, even though about once a month I try as hard as I can to make the internet tell me where I can go to find this amazing and legendary treat, as she seemed surprised when I stated that right before I got a little misty eyed at what was sitting in front of me.

One might wonder if it was everything that I have ever dreamed about, or it was something that I had just been building up in my head.  The answer, of course, is that it was twice as good as I could have ever hoped it would have been.

Pretty much everything that is cooked at that market is amazing, and this ramen was no exception.  While I am sure that it would have been twice as good if it had eaten the pleasure food in the parking lot of the place, traveling half an hour home did not really seem to damage the enjoyability.  I think the wantons alone are up there with some of the best that I have had, not to mention how rich and tasty the noodles were.  I should point out that that place does something weird with vegetables; something that I can’t put my finger on, but still approve of.  It is probably because they are using crazy old woks that have been seasoned for longer than I have been alive, regardless that place seems to have the knack to make everything they do just a little better than I was expecting.

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