Last one on Vista, I promise

One day removed from Vista and maybe I can clear my thoughts on the entire system.

Why do I detest the thing? Mainly because it is entirely too much Operating System for no return. High end systems that run one gig of ram and don’t have the latest processor are taking up to 90 seconds to come out of hibernation. Systems that under XP were considered overpowering. Windows has this nasty habit of introducing a product that doesn’t really seem to fall into any one niche. The max amount of ram that Vista can take is around 8 gigs, which is a sharp decrease from the 4 terabytes that we were promised just one short year ago.

The entire system seems very resource hungry at the moment, asking for pretty much every resource that you can throw at it with very little return in the way to justify the glutton like ways. I really don’t even want to think about what it would be like to play a game on a baseline system.

Demetri Martin

But, as much as I slam on MicroSoft I do have to say that they didn’t follow SONY’s lead with all the terrible Viral marketing. The worst thing that they seems to have done is sponsored an entire night on comedy central and gave Demetri Martin a webpage that he could do… something with. It isn’t overpowering the way that “All I want for X-Mas is a PSP” was but it still has the very “sponsored by Vista” moments that you really know it is just an ad.

It is kind of interesting that it seems like it is becoming more and more acceptable to launch things that aren’t finished as a product. PS3, 360, Vista just to name a few. All of this are products that could very easily turn out well, but didn’t have the starting power that you used to see with the Super Nintendo, Windows 98, or Flying Cars.

Not to short change any of you on my promises of terror:

Doodlebops DVD 3

I found the image that haunts me.