Exploding Computer

My parents’ computer went bad.  Veronica and I managed to replace the computer inside of a week, with a new one, and use that excuse to drive to Veronica’s Mountains to abandon the technology.  I also used this as an excuse to grab their old computer to see if I could get it up and running or simply pull any information off of it for my electronically challenged wards.  I don’t know if there is anything better in the world than when a simple plan literally explodes in your face.

After a couple of days of ignoring the project, mainly because it was either going to be a five minute fix and I would feel stupid or it was going to be a massive project that would involve my wife becoming angry that I had parts everywhere—neither of which sounds like a it would have a happy ending for me, I finally resolved to start the project.  At the time I thought that the worst thing that would happen is that the entire thing was scrap, the best thing would be that I could turn it into some kind of movie watching device for Veronica.

Quickly after plugging in the outdated, large, and dust riddled calculation device I started to notice the rather disheartening stench of burnt electronic innards.  When fixing one of these things it is important to note that this normally means one thing, a quick job.  Either one thing in the metal box of magic is broken or EVERYTHING is no more.  Using some form of knowledge that I probably made up moments before, I removed what I thought to be the broken piece.  As if through some stroke of luck the thing instantly started having lights turn on when plugged in again.  What an easy fix, I wrongly told myself as I hit the power button to prove all those nasty voice inside of my brain hole wrong.

The next couple of things happened all at once, so I am going to explain them in kind of a weird way so it makes sense:

I was sitting when I hit the power button.  That makes sense because when turning something you want to be looking at the monitor on the off chance something important happens.  This was both a very important thing for me to be doing, and also probably the very much wrong place to be looking.

The computer instantly started to make noises, so I stopped looking at the screen and at the computer.  I instantly thought that, logically, since there are two moving parts in that device—both of them fans—that would have to be what was making the sound.  I was about to get up when the entire power supply decided that it needed to put on both a display of its disdain for electricity and a pyrotechnics show.  I am not really sure what happened as I unplugged the death trap the moment it stopped trying to kill me, but I am pretty sure that it was a goblin.  I said before that I wish I was looking at the computer when I turned it on, that is because I would have caught that little bastard who put the explosives in there and throttled the thing.

So after carrying the cursed item as far away from anything valuable that I owned I called my wife, probably because in that moment I thought she would find the entire thing interesting.  Now in my mind I explained exactly what happened, but in reality—which I have been told is not the things that go on in my mind—I probably said something like, “FIRE! Mom and DAD! Explosion!”  and if we are honest I probably mentioned my theory about the goblin too.  I know that it came out this way because she called me back after about half an hour and simply asked me to repeat the story, only stopping me to make sure I wasn’t hurt.

I have learned two things from this experience:

1: I hate goblins.

2: My power strip works because nothing else that was plugged into it even seemed to notice the 1980’s hair-metal band concert that was going on next to them.

On a side note; that power strip is something that my Aunt Amy and Uncle Paul bought for my Grandmother years ago.  It is a Monster branded device and cost them roughly 100000% more than any other branded device that isn’t government issued.  I am pretty sure that it was the only reason my apartment didn’t burn down.  I take back everything bad I said about my Uncle Paul’s purchasing habits.  Not the other bad stuff, just the things I said about him buying stupid things.

Comments 6

  • dad wonders, how much dans gaming modification’s help burn the thing up?

  • 0. Any modification that I did to the computer was purely to speed it up as a whole. There was no damage done to the harddrive as it is still functional. I think that the fire was power supply related, and I have no idea what the issue was before that.

  • Gosh, do you think the problem may have been that the computer was a hundred years old? And holding ten pounds of dog\cat hair?

  • And bead hair

  • Beard. Stupid autocorrect.

  • I didn’t really understand the story till I saw the picture of the surge protector!😄 We did get that for Grammie Grammie because she was running every electronic device on the same over crowded extension cord. Very glad it is still serving a valuable service.